Implementation Framework

As well as overseeing the preparation of Regional Planning Guidelines, the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government is monitoring the preparation of County, City and Local Area Development Plans to ensure that they are consistent with the objectives of the NSS. Draft Development Plan Guidelines have been prepared and issued for public consultation in April 2006 to assist and promote consistent best practice in the preparation of development plans.It is expected that the guidelines will take account of the comments and views received and be issued as statutory guidelines under the Planning and Development Act in early-2007.

The Department also provides guidance to other Government Departments, agencies, regional and local authorities, interest groups and the private sector in relation to how the spatial aspects of other policies, plans and programmes can be aligned and integrated to support the spatial framework set out in the NSS.

An Inter-Departmental Steering Committee has been established to oversee the process of implementation. Progress reports will also be made to the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Housing, Infrastructure and PPPs.

The Spatial Policy Section also has a role in the preparation and implementation of a number of sets of planning guidelines (see Reports/Guidance section) e.g.The preparation of development plans.The Retail Planning Guidelines.Guidelines on Rural Housing.Residential Density and Development.Apartment Size and Standards.Landscape.Strategic Development Zones.

Implementation Priorities – 2007+

Key goals in the implementation of the NSS in the year ahead and onwards are: Agreeing and implementing a monitoring framework for the NSS (within the overall NDP 2007-2013 monitoring programme) during 2007.Working within existing structures at national, regional and local levels with a view to ensuring that the widest range of public departments, agencies and authorities take ownership of the Strategy and assume responsibility for its implementationDevising, operating and managing the Gateway Innovation FundContinue to work closely with our counterparts in Northern Ireland on cross-border spatial development to achieve all-Ireland collaboration on the two jurisdiction’s spatial strategies.Supporting Regional Authorities in implementing regional planning guidelines now in place Click here for more information.Encouraging local authorities to ensure new development plans incorporate strong land use, transportation and urban design framework elements for all of the gateways and hubs.Continuing to build support for the NSS by supporting conferences, forums and seminars.

Click here to view a report on “Spatial Strategies on the Island of Ireland”.